Why Buy in Avalon or Stone Harbor?


Over the past years, the market has gone through a re-adjustment period. Prices have been reduced and inventory has grown.  Recently we have seen the market stabilizing and buyers are now motivated to take advantage of the low prices and historically low-interest rates.  Search For Properties That Match Your Criteria.

The last upswing in Avalon NJ Real Estate and Stone Harbor NJ Real Estate had shown huge growth and showed a 25%-30% appreciation. After the market has just kicked back 25%-30%, there is a tremendous opportunity in the upcoming years to make money. 

Lets not forget about the amazing family memories that are made here every day.  The enjoyment of your family is hard to put a price tag on.  With price reductions easing, there is much more confidence out on the street that this is a safe place to put your money.  Investing in real estate on the "Seven Mile Island" is tangible and can create great happiness for you and your family, things you just can't get in the stock market.

In Real Estate, values is driven by location and there is no better location on the East Coast than the island of Avalon NJ and Stone Harbor NJ. Being a barrier island, we are surrounded by water. That means there is no room for expansion, which in turn drives prices and values higher.

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Work With Ryan

Listening and understanding his clients needs and wants is one of Ryan's best attributes. Always making his clients feel at ease, Ryan's knowledge base of the island is there for you before, during, and after a sale is complete.